Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheesy bites

I saw these being made on river cottage, a show I love to watch. He used courgettes in his but I am using peppers instead. These are perfect party food and soooooooo yummy.

First off you just chop some garlic and peppers finely and fry off until soft.
Grate some cheddar cheese along with whatever other cheese. I've made them with feta cheese and mozzarella and both taste good. So put the cheese, garlic and peppers in a bowl along with a beaten egg and bread crumbs. Mix it all up and mold into little balls and then bake for around 15/20 mins and voila!

Bean Burgers

I have allready posted about them before but here is a couple different ways to use them.
I sometimes get sick of having them as a sandwich so I stuffed a pepper with one along with chilli and honey and baked them. Was so yummy.

I enjoy them most in a wrap and they are perfect with salad cream, hummous, a salad and nandos sauce. I always bring one of these in for my lunch.

Puy Lentils

I had a go at using puy lentils and now I highly recommend them.
Firstly I made a salad for college using them. I based it on a salad that marks and Spencer do. Again, this was really simply to make.
I first baked some butter nut squash chunks and bits of pepper.
While they were baking, I boiled up the entils. It takes around 20 mins. So just boil until soft.
You for sure need a dressing on this so what I did was combine a balsamic vinegar I all ready had with lemon juice and chilli. It went perfect with it. Mixed it all together and put it in some tuber ware.
A healthy lunch!

Puy lentil lasagne. I first came across a puy lentil lasagne while flicking through the Irish Vegetarian Society magazine. Now this was so yum and not to hard to make either.
I started off by roasting off some vegetables along with lots of garlic and chilli. I used peppers, butter nut squash(what else do I use?) and mushrooms but you can add whatever. While they were roasting, I boiled up the lentils.
I also made some tomato sauce by frying off some garlic and a finely chopped white onion and then added 2 tins of tomatoes and left to reduce. I would in future though use 3 tins. I also made a cheese sauce, which didn't turn out amazing as I didn't use a recipe and just guessed. When everything was done I pilled it all up and covered with cheese and baked for around 30 mins.

Cheesy lentil bake

I had a lentil bake a while back in The Happy Pear and thought it was so tasty so I tried to make my own. I made this weeks ago so I can't remember exactly how I made it.
I boiled some red lentils ( don't ask me how much.. just enough to cover the dish I was cooking it in.
Added various curry powders and spices to it.
Boiled until all the water had gone.
Mixed in some grated cheese and a beaten egg.
Topped with breadcrumbs and grated cheese and baked until brown on top!
It was extremely easy to make
Lentils are great for a vegetarian diet because they are very high in protein and iron and apparently voted one of the top 5 healthy foods by Health magazine!

It went pretty well with a salad and chilli sauce.