Friday, October 29, 2010


I first fell in love with Suppli when I had it in Don Giovannis, an Italian restaurant in Dalkey. It's deep fried breaded rice balls with melted mozzarella inside. They're unreal.
I've made them before a good while back but decided to make some last night. I don't have a deep fat frier so I just fry them and pop them under the grill.
To make them you have to make some rissotto rice. You take a bit of the rice and mold it into a ball, pop a bit of mozzarella in the middle, coat in egg and breadcrumbs and just fry off.
They go perfectly with salad cream or Garlic mayonnaise. Serve with salad, pasta is good too.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rachel Allen carrot cake. YUM! I was watching her Bake! show and got inspired. I never managed to get a picture when it was whole. It was good though.I went my own way with the icing and made it extremely orangey. Will make again.

I got Fry's vegi sausages after hearing good things about them. They are my new fav thing. I always crave a roll with sausages and beans. I did this last night and today as well. This picture doesn't do it justice but it's deeeeelish.
This is a good breakfast. Peanut butter is something I love now. It goes so well with choclate spread and jam. So bit of both going on.
I've started freshly squeezing oranages a fair bit. It is the best way to have it. I scrape all the pulp left on top of the drainer and put it into the juice. Pulp hater, leave this page!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pizza pizza pizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I've all ready posted about pizza on this before but why not again! I don't have much to blog about recently cause I haven't been cooking or baking much recently. I'm great for cooking/baking when avoiding college work so I cooked twice in the past few days.

I made another blackberry and apple crumble pie. My weighing scales had run out of battery so I had to guess the measurements for the shortcrust. Thankfully it turned out.. ok. I never took a picture though.

So, I made homemade pizza for dinner tonight. I made the dough and sauce.
Topping wise I went with Roasted butter nut squash, peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella, feta, spinach and rocket.
I used an avoca recipe for the base. Next time I need to really roll it out thin. You think it's thin but forget it rises quite a bit.
Before rolling out the dough

Pre roasting b-nut squash and peppers.

Before it went in the oven.

Cooked with rocket and spinach on top!