Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Food up dates!

A huge carrot cake I made the other day after finishing exams. I usually bake when I have to study but having free time to bake is great! I have used this Hummingbird cookbook recipe before and is a winner every time!
Poppies cafe appreciation! The one down in Dunloire does very good mochas and scones. There's also a lovely window seat to look out.

I'm not to mad on meat substitutes and always a bit scared to try them. One evening I was craving spaghetti bolonase, so decided to buy some and give it a go. It is really easy to make and very yummy! I have used it a few times since. I need to use it for other dishes like lasagna and tacos.

A salad I made for college one day. It had broken up homemade vegi/bean burgers, rocket, carrot along with some left over bulgar wheat.

Milanos pizza. This is from the lighter range. There's a hole cut in the middle and it is filled salad. It it beyond delish.
This is a terrible picture but it is a sweet potato burrito from burritos and blues! I was never to much of a fan of burritos but this changed my mind.
Best malts around! This malt is from The Counter. So chocolaty and the burgers and staff are great!
Select stores Yum. A salad from the Blazing Salads's salad bar and a chickpea curry.

Boojum Vegi tacos and chicken burrito. Jesse and I sat in the park and ate this lovely dinner.
A beast of a dinner. Homemade burger, salad, salsa, potatoes and a sweet potato stuffed pepper. #fatty
And just a potato salad!

I haven't updated this properly in a while!
I have been taking pictures of all sorts of things anyway so here it goes!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Food glorious food

Turns out I was using the wrong cupcake cases all along. I got some proper ones in a little shop in town called The Irish Yeast Company. I got loads for around 2 euro, I think.

Vegetarian Mexican Nachos. When in London, we went to a Mexican restaurant in Soho, I think. I forgot the name of the place but they were yum. I really wanna make something like this soon.
My first ever macaroon. I got this in London from a French cafe called Paul. Was delish. Gonna try make them soon.
Just some cooking. A orange loaf and a lentil lasagne. Both didn't last too long because Nick, our foster dog got them both :(
Milkshakes! My new fav thing to make. They're so yummy in the summer and easy to make.

Banana and Honey Porridge.

I have never seen the attraction of porridge at all. It has always just been sludge and only tasting alright with piles of sugar on it.
When I was in London, this all changed. We were in Marks and Spencer grabbing breakfast and Georgia got the Banana and Honey Porridge. She didn't finish it all so I had the rest. It was so tasty and wholesome. I could tell that it had been cooked in milk and left quite milky.

So, I tried to make some myself. I have had it the past 3 mornings and the difference it makes to my apeitite through out the day is amazing. I'm not hungry and craving everything.

You need about a handful of porridge oats per person. Slice some banana in it. I use half a banana for one serving, a whole banana for a 2 servings etc. Add Honey, a fair bit and some brown sugar. Heat it up slowly while continually stirring it to break up the banana. I always add more milk in to it at the end to moisten it up.

I serve it with more honey and sugar on top and voila! I have had it with a smoothie made with freshly squeezed orange juice, a banana and a few strawberries.