Tuesday, June 29, 2010



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Friday, June 25, 2010

recent eatings

Pasta bake attempt no.2. This time bigger, chunkier roasted vegetables. It was good.
I got a icing 'syringe' yesterday in meadows and byrne. Is easier to use compared to a piping bag. It came with a few nozzels so I tried a few out. Most of them didn't work out cause the icing wasn't thick enough.

I made this once before and it was a lot nicer the first time. It's roasted sweet potato in a large vol au vont case with cheese on top. I mash the sweet potato and add a variety of other things. I use ricotta in it but didn't have any. I used cream. Mistake.

A varity of things fucked onto my plate in wexford. Roll with quorn sausage and salad. Shit waffle and let over pasta.
Our supermarket trip. We bought a fair amount thinking it would do us for the night but how wrong we were.
Last Sundays lunch in the market in the park. There is a vegetarian stand. Some guy sells curries and Indian type food. I got a samosa and a kofta. I enjoyed it lots and will be going back. I am sick of getting falafels.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pasta Bake attempt no.1

I had never made pasta bake before. It is def one of the of easiest things to make but I made some anyway for a carb overload.
I first roasted off some veg including peppers, onions, butternut squash, courgettes and I can't remember what else. I also boiled some broccoli. I may of put other stuff in but I can't remember.
Cheese and bread crumbs on top and voillla! I put it under the grill for a minute to and made a lovellllyyy cheese layer.

What I ate in Paris

We decided to have out lunch on the boat ride along the Seine. I had some pretty shitty roll. They have no sauce or nothing in them.
When we were up at the Eiffel tower we went to get dinner. We walked and walked by many restaurnts all with similar menus. They all had foie gras and shit on it so we didn't wanna eat there. We finally found a place that did pizza and pasta etc. They gave us an english menu that was highly entertaining. It had items on it such as 'Soup has the onion browned' and dishes with 'the coriander and the parsley'. There was other hilarious stuff.
Mini donuts and mini chocolate croissants.
Ok this looks a little dodge. It was originally a waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce on top but Alisha didn't want the end of her brownie and ice cream so she dumped it on top of mine. Was pretty good. It is from hagen dazzzzz. We sat in a park and ate.
What Jesse and Alisha got from Hagen Dazz. Raspberry sorbet is good.
As are Raspberry meringues. This is to delish. Wish I bought one.
One morning we got breakfast in a bakery down the road and went and ate it in the Luxembourg gardens. Fatty Breakfast.

I got a chocolate croissant and a brioche thing, I think.
AND some delish pizza. Pizza for breakfast is something I should do every morning.

Jesse and I got some Lemon and Raspberry Sorbet one night. Lemon was to Lemon but raspberry was good.
Ice cream selections.
We ate in Milanos the first night in St.Germaine. It was amazing. Beyond delish. We around 30 dough balls between us. Carbolicious.
This was mozzarella bread. It was so moist and doughy.
I just got pasta and sauce but it was some of the best sauce I have ever had.

Another Bakery!

I got a cookie thing that prettty much just tasted like butter. Jesse got a chocolate filled eclaire. And alisha, a choc cross.

We ate in some bar place down from our hotel. We met one of the nicer french people there.
They got omletes.
I got a baguette with just salad. Pretty boring.
We ate plenty of other stuff too!
Go to Paris!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nut loaf attempt no.2 and Raspberry muffins.

I gave the nut loaf another go today and it was successful and tasted great. I would call it more of a vegetable loaf though!
I wanted it to have loads of flavor.
I roasted some peppers, cherry tomatoes and sweet potato to add to it. I fried onions, brocolli and mushrooms in cumin, paprika and other stuff. I can't remember to be honest. Added honey, parsley, pine nuts, some cashew nuts and some soya nuts. Cheese on top! Too bad it was only me for dinner tonight, tomorrow's dinner for everyone else it is then!

I made muffins and they were goooood! I wanted chocolate chip ones but had no chocolate so I used raspberries instead. I used a cornucopia recipe so thumbs up for cornicopia.

No one is home tonight so it's just Lola and I. No one is around either to hangout with also. Booo. I'm to bored right now. Tomorrow I hope to go to the market in the park, Yumm.

I am going to Paris on Monday! & staying here!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nut loaf attempt no.1

So I decided to try make a nut loaf yesterday. I followed a recipe I found online but didn't really stick to it but it gave me direction in how to make one
I put peppers, onions, sweet potato, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, cashew nuts, pine nuts in.
It cooked real well and the texture was great but wasn't great on flavor. So next time I'm gonna make it extremely tasty and put all sorts in to make it high on taste. I'm thinking putting mashed sweet potato with honey into the mixture, broccoli, chills, cumin and some herbs and shit. Oh chick peas tooo!

Itsa bagel lunches in dunloire are still class.

As are chocolate crepes..

I got kelkin's chocolate covered soya beans the other day thinking were chocolate covered peanuts . They were lovely but have nothing on chocolate covered raisins <3. You think all this shit is alright to eat and healthy but it is far from it. The amount of calories in these healthy alternatives. Tesco do a big bag of chocolate covered raisins for 99c, bargin!

Boojum mex in town is a place I am dying to try, Hi jessse come with meee. Shakes also!

I want to make muffins soon. Like whoppper ones. A lot of recipes I look at they make little muffins that are pretty much just cupcakes in a muffin case. The cornucopia cookbook has a recipe for some and in the pictures they are huge.
The best muffins are from BB's. So good. Then again Avoca do the best carrot cake muffins going.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Online days

I hate days like this. Consisting of staying in all day and pretty much spending it online. To lazy to do anything else but eat biscuits. Movies in the park this weekend but the rain clouds have come :(

I have been listening to this song all day

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Summer Discovery

My mum arrived home yesterday with some fake beef vegi burgers. I was a bit reluctant at first but I grilled them up and put it in a bun with salad, letteuce and tomato plus ketchup and salad cream. And jesus christ it was amazing. It tasted just like summer bbqs all those years ago. 1.49 for like 4 of them, cheapo.

I want to have a vegi bbq.