Sunday, July 11, 2010


The past few days have been bore central. When I get bored I usually cook or bake. So I did that.

First up. Maryland cookie cupcakes along with Maryland icing.
I got lazy and wasn't arsed using an icing bag to ice them. So ignore the bad presentation.

I decided to give a couple of Cornucopia recipes a go.

This involved making a sundried tomato dressing thing. The recipe said to use extra virgin olive oil, which is gross. I still used it anyway so it kinda taste and smelt on oil. Vom. These recipes were a bit of a letdown.

Whopper salads!

Last night I decided to make sugar cookies, I believe they're called. I fucked up the dough a bit but they still came out yum.
Next time I need to make proper icing though. This was all made very half arsed.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


My blog is called walking dogs and writing blogs but has nothing to do with that really anymore.
So here is a dog filled post. What more could you ask for.

So, I was down in Cork last week visiting my aunt. She lives in an area surrounded by farms and fields of cattle. It's pretty nice. I love going on walks there.
On my walks I would always find lots of dogs.

On the first day I was up around the corner checking some calves out when I turned around and this german shepard was staring at me. I got such a fright. Then his 2 mates came around the corner. They were all really friendly and came on a walk with me.

There is a dog in pretty much every house on the road.
The best dog was Laila though.
She lives a few doors up along with Kit, an old springer Spaniel and a friendly tabby cat.
She is extremely friendly and real wiggly and gets real hyper. She is one of those dogs that you can tell is smiling.
Well she came on a walk with me and we hung out for a bit. Then she became very attached to me and wouldn't leave from my aunt's front door, like at all. Turned out her owner was away for 2 weeks. So she must of been lonely. She wouldn't leave so she stayed the night haha.

Next morning we went off and she went home but she appeared back on the doorstep again. I went on a walk with her and hung out for a bit. She came back that night and ended up staying the night again.
She loved hugs and sitting on your lap even though she is huge.
The day after I left she was back up at the house looking for me. I wanted to take her home so bad!

And then there's Charlie! Charlie is lovely. He is my cousin's dog.

And there is Sue! Sue is My cousin's wife's family dog. I was asked to take photos of her :)

Currently Minding Towzer. He lives up the road. He belongs to my mum's friend. He often comes to my house and hangs out for a while.
He has decided to stick by me. He follows me around the house and goes wherever I go. If I am in my rooms he comes to my room and lys on the bed.

Walking Towzer, Lola and Bella.

Lola hates Towzer, Towzer hates Bella and Bella loves Lola.

This post is kinda weird. I'm not THAT obsessed with dogs!

Cornucopia Whole food vegetarian restaurant.

I have been wanting to go here for a long long time but never quite made it there. To many people are afraid of veg food.
Jesse got me the cookbook and all for Christmas.
My mum said she would go with me so we headed into town on the dart. Ended up spending money on clothes and then headed for lunch.

I got a sweet potato and  tofu curry. I forgot to double check what it was called before I left.
My first choice was the vegan garlic mayo potato salad, so yum!
My second choice was a chickpea one with rocket and roast aubergine among other stuff that was in it.

What the best thing about eating in a vegetarian restaurant is not having to worry about if my food could of possibly been cooked along side meat or been made dodgy. It was great for a change to not have to be thinking about what is going on in the kitchen for once!

I forgot my camera so all I have are low quality phone pictures! 

And my mum got a filo pastry broccoli bake.

You are given a serious amount of food for your money, which I couldn't finish. They have takeaway boxes up at the till, so I filled one up with my leftovers for dinner! Getting my moneys worth.

I need to try all the rest of the vegetarian restaurants in Dublin!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 layer berry cake/Chocolate and strawberry cupcakes and otherrrr

My aunt gave me a few recipe magazines while I was in Cork. There was a recipe for a 4 layer cake with raspberry icing.
The cake mixture was odd. It consisted of a lot of egg whites, icing sugar, a small bit of flour and baking powder! I made 2 cakes and you cut it in half.

I made Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberry icing. :)
It came out well.
I decorated the top with Raspberries from my back garden.

And chocolate cupcakes with strawberries on top. I liked these a lot.