Welcome to the Veg Lej blog,a blog written by a true Veg Lej (so my friends say) for all the rest of the Veg Lejs out there!

I am 22 year old vegan food fanatic female from Dublin, Ireland. I have been writing this blog (formally titled Walking Dogs & Writing Blogs) for a few years now. The blog was previously a vegetarian food blog but I have since moved into the world of Veganism.
Veg Lej, is all about sharing my recipes, my experiences with products, eating out and travelling as a vegan and many other topics!

I also run a vegan and vegetarian Dublin themed website and various social media pages. I set up www.vegiandvegandublin.com in 2012 to provide vegans and vegetarians either living in or visiting Dublin with information on where to source vegi/vegan products and establishments which cater for us vegis! I am constantly on the search for new vegan products and food establishments in Dublin which cater for vegans and vegetarians! I want to share my finds with the rest of Dublin's vegan and vegetarian community! So please make sure to check out the site and like and follow the Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr!

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