Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer smoothie ice pops

I came home one night to find ice pop molds that my Mum got in tesco! I had been looking ages for cheap and suitable ones.

So I blended up some fruit to make ice pops with. There is gala melon and banana, Strawberry and orange and strawberry. They were so tasty!

Another summer cake and macaroons

I made another tall, sweet cream filled and summer berry cake for a little cat party! I made one chocolate sponge and one vanilla and cut them both in half, resulting in 4 halfs!

Chocolate Macaroons.

I have always wanted to try make these but thought they looked really complicated. After my friend made them and said they were easy, I gave it a shot.

They were pretty simple to make and taste so yummy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dogs in Distress-Rescue, Foster, Adopt

Dogs in Distress is a great Irish animal organisation who work independently to help get dogs out of the pound and into foster homes until they get adopted.

The woman who run this are great so I just thought I'd throw a link up here. My family and are dog fosterers for dogs in distress and are currently with our 2nd foster dog, Jessie.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, please rescue a dog rather than b
uying one. There are so many rescue dogs who apreciate loving homes. Dogs in Distress always have pure breeds too.

So check the site and dogs out and pass on the good word!

to view current foster dogs looking for homes-