Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breakfast bars.
I wanted to make something pretty carby in the morning but healthy enough at the same time. So, I made flapjacks. I just threw whatever in. They're mainly banana flavor.
Mashed Banana
Softened dates
orange zest
Chocolate spread
Peanut butter
.. I think that's about it. I made a big batch and portioned them up. I put a lot of them in the freezer.

I also made another big batch of Bean burgers to bring into college. Again I make loads and then freeze them.
Before I mash it all up.

Nut loaf

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pink raspberry and white chocolate cake/Chocolate cake

While looking at cookbooks in Dubray books last week, I saw a cake on the cover of one of them. It was pink and had white icing on it. I thought immediately it was a raspberry sponge of some sort with white chocolate icing on top. It turned out to just be a red velvet cake but the picture gave me the best idea to make a raspberry sponge with white chocolate icing. So I did just that.
I just added some raspberries into the mixture of a normal sponge cake. I used an electric beater so it broke them up nicely into the mixture.

Andddddd a simple chocolate cake. I always find cocao powder tends to dry cakes out so by adding milk to the mixture it moistens it up loads. Little tip..
Today like every Wednesday I have no college.This is the first Wednesday in a while that I didn't have college work to do.. So I had a lazy baking day.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cat Cake

I made Sarah a cake for her Birthday party. I decided last minute while decorating it to turn it into a cat's face and this is how it turned out.