Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I visited Berlin last month. I went with my mum. I was pretty excited to visit all the vegetarian places but I ended up staying in a completely different area to where they predominately are. I didn't want to drag my mum across the city! We did venture out to Kruzberg ( I think) one night to Cafe V. Getting there was a nightmare, I kept messing up the trains. It was dark when we got there and there was a load of sketchy characters. We got to Cafe V anyhow and was greeted by very friendly English speaking staff.

Personnly I didn't find the food great or the menu. Lot's of tofu, which I'm not really into. I meant to take down what we ordered but forgot. I got a canneloni type thing and my mum, I don't remember, ha. Terrible review, sorry!

Bagel idea

I made this a few weeks ago and got hooked. I ate it too many times that I kind of got sick of it!
So it contains:
- Roasted or grilled sweet potato strips (thin)
- Sweet chilli sauce
- Hummous
- Feta
- & Salad.

Trust me, it's delisssh.

Sugar cinnamon pull apart bread.

While flicking through stumbleupon, I came across This recipe (http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2011/03/cinnamon-sugar-pull-apart-bread/) for Cinnamon sugar pull apart bread. It looked unreal and I kept saying I had to make it. Only problem was that it was all in cups. I find some website conversions to grams differ from others so I don't know if I had the correct measurements.

It was pretty easy to make but I don't have to much experience making dough but it turned out all right! Mine wasn't as skillfully put together and I cooked it for a bit longer than needed.