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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The best vegi breakfast in Dublin...?

If you’re looking for a great vegetarian or vegan breakfast while in Dublin, Cornucopia on Wicklow street ( just off Grafton st) is the place to go.

They do an array of options including their homemade baked beans and sausages, crepes, scrambled tofu, eggs, pancakes and more.

Served from 8.30 am to 12 pm.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cornucopia's Recipe for Chocolate Silken Torte (vegan cheese cake)

Cornucopia's recipe for Chocolate Silken Torte (vegan cheese cake)

This recipe for a vegan chocolate silken torte aka a vegan cheese cake is from Cornucopia's cookbook, who are vegetarian whole foods restaurant located in Dublin. A vegetarian restaurant that have taken Dublin by storm through churning out great vegi dishes time after time!  I am also excited to say that they are currently working on their second cookbook 'The Green Cookbook', which will include fully vegan and plant based recipes from Cornucopia's renowned chef, James Burke.

This was my first attempt at vegan cheesecake. I was very inspired by the silken tofu cakes I had in London (in a below post). So I tried given Cornucopia's vegan Chocolate Silken Torte recipe a go.

This recipe is hands down AMAZING! The cake however is very time consuming and expensive to make and takes a lot of patience but it is worth it. What is even more worth the wait is getting the opinion of how the 'cheesecake' tastes by people who don't know it's vegan. They always say you wouldn't know it was vegan, it tastes THAT good. So that's a good sign it's a great recipe right?!
The recipe lends its cheese cake like texture to the firm silken tofu. The texture at first made me feel a bit suspicious at first but once blended and baked you wouldn't even know its tofu.

Some recipe alterations I have noted:The recipe says leave set for 2 hours but its still runny and not firm at this stage. It takes at least 5 hours or even overnight in a fridge to completely set and firm up.

Chocolate Silken Torte - Vegan Cheese Cake

The Cheese Cake Filling:

  • 2 packets of silken tofu (700g). Can find it Nourish health food stores. 
  • 200ml soya cream. 
  • 175g Tahini. 
  • 120ml vegetable/sunflower oil. 
  • 200g golden syrup. 
  • 2 tbl spoons corn flour/starch 
  • 225g chocolate.

The Biscuit Base:

  • A packet of vegan biscuits. 
  • Margarine. 
1. To make the biscuit base:
You can either make your own biscuit base with a simple flour, margarine and sugar mixture or just crush a pre bought packet of vegan biscuits. When you either bake the biscuit base or crush your pre bought biscuits, add enough melted margarine to evenly cover and wet the biscuits. Press the mixture into the base of a lined spring from tin and place into the fridge. 

2. Melt chocolate: Place the 225g of chocolate into a glass bowl and place on top of a pan with hot boiling water and stir until melted.

3. The cheesecake mixture: Add all of the required ingredients (minus the chocolate)and place in a food processor and blend until smooth.

4. Place about half or a quarter of the silken tofu mixture on top of the biscuit base lined tin.

5. Add the melted chocolate to the remaining cheesecake mixture and mix. Place that mixture on top of the cake.
Stick a fork in and make swirl motions to create a marble effect but that didn't really work for me!

6. Cover with cling film and leave to set in the fridge for several hours. Once a knife comes out clean, you're good to go!

Vegan Garlic Mayonnaise

I had gone to Cornucopia a few weeks back and got their Vegan Garlic mayonnaise Potato salad and fell in love. I couldn't believe they were vegan.

I remember seeing the recipe in the cookbook so I took it out and made a crack at it.
The recipe made way too much so I would half the ingredients.
-88g cashew nuts (soaked over night)
-63ml olive oil
-63ml water
-Juice of half a lemon.
-2/3 cloves of garlic chopped roughly.
Then just pop all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until smooth.
It didn't turn out as smooth as I thought it would. It didn't resemble the mayo from the restaurant but still tasted good. I added some chives, salt and pepper into the mayo too and made a potato salad.

The recipe also called for mustard and hazelnuts. I forgot the mustard... and i had no hazelnuts but they are for sure a good addition.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cornucopia Whole food vegetarian restaurant take 2!

I went on a little adventure into Town yesterday with my Mom. There are a lot of areas she isn't really aware of or just hasn't been to in years. We had intentions of doing a lot more exploring but it started to rain.
I firstly brought her on my daily route to college. Across the bridge from tara, up Eden Quay and then up marlbouragh st. I promised her she would see a million pikeys because I'm always telling her about them always been on that street. But of course there was not ONE! Typical. I showed her my college anyway.
We did a bit more exploring and then for lunch. We went to Cornucopia on Wicklow st. I have only been there once before, with her.( I need to go more but don't having friends who are up for eating pricey vegetarian food over something cheap is hard to come by.

I don't have great photos of our meal on me right now. I didn't have my digital camera with me, only my film one. I took some photos on my phone though.
I went with the Sweet potato, celeriac and spinach ragout with organic brown rice.
side salads-Garlic potatoes with roasted hazelnuts and a barley salad.

My mom got a Tomato, mushroom and puy lentil soup. She got a herby bread that came with a butternut squash and almond puree/pate thing. She also got a side of ceasar salad and some other simple salad.

The food here is so flavorsome and tasty. So many flavors going on at once. I wish I could cook food like this. The food served here is a fine example of how vegetarian/vegan food isn't bland and boring, as some people may think. I always get asked 'what the hell can/do you eat?'.
I was way to full to get a dessert. I took a fair bit of my meal to take a way. You get very large portions.
This all cost around 20 euro. Not to bad. Well not bad when you're mom is paying :D.

I think I am going to The Happy Pear in Greystones on Friday for the 2nd time. I will report back.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cornucopia Whole food vegetarian restaurant.

I have been wanting to go here for a long long time but never quite made it there. To many people are afraid of veg food.
Jesse got me the cookbook and all for Christmas.
My mum said she would go with me so we headed into town on the dart. Ended up spending money on clothes and then headed for lunch.

I got a sweet potato and  tofu curry. I forgot to double check what it was called before I left.
My first choice was the vegan garlic mayo potato salad, so yum!
My second choice was a chickpea one with rocket and roast aubergine among other stuff that was in it.

What the best thing about eating in a vegetarian restaurant is not having to worry about if my food could of possibly been cooked along side meat or been made dodgy. It was great for a change to not have to be thinking about what is going on in the kitchen for once!

I forgot my camera so all I have are low quality phone pictures! 

And my mum got a filo pastry broccoli bake.

You are given a serious amount of food for your money, which I couldn't finish. They have takeaway boxes up at the till, so I filled one up with my leftovers for dinner! Getting my moneys worth.

I need to try all the rest of the vegetarian restaurants in Dublin!