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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recent food

I am constantly taking picture of food on my phone. Everything is a bit mixed up so instead of doing a load of separate posts I thought I'd throw them all into one.

I went out to the Happy Pear today for Lunch. I went for the pitta and salad. I didn't know the pitta had goats cheese in it though so I had to take it out and eat around the left over bit. I had a lovely coffee and vegan choc fruit and nut tiffin slice. I also love going to The Happy Pear.
I had another attempt at cupcakes but with another recipe. I used the Vegan cupcakes take over the world one. I didn't have all the ingredients really though. It required corn starch but I assumed that's corn flour. It made the cupcakes taste like corn flour though. They were alright though. Still not there yet. The icing was good though!

I came across these in Dunnes Stores and HAD to get them. Orange chocolate is a favourite. They tasted really good.
Here is a salad with a Good Life nut cutlet burger. I love them and they are so quick to cook under the grill.

Linda McCartney sausages. Last week people kept mentioning breakfast rolls and I was craving sausages and beans so bad. I made this for lunch a couple times and really hits the spot. It's a nice change from salad. The sausages are so tasty and only take a few minutes under the grill.

And this is my usual lunch while at home. I eat so many falafels but I don't know what I'd do with out them.

I made more cookies recently with the usual recipe. I guessed the measurements this time as my scales was broken. I added some chocolate powder into the mixture to make double chocolate cookies and oh my god they are dangerously tasty. I eat them all :/. The trick is to almost under cook them and then let them set and you get an extremely chewy cookie as the all the sugar sets but doesn't harden from being heated.
And another 'The Counter' post. As I've said before it's a great place to go for dinner when with non vegis and it's cheap and sooooooo tasty. This is the vegi burger in a bowl with various toppings such as avocado, roasted peppers and grilled pineapples. And you NEED to get the sweet potato fries.

And this is the falafel wrap from Gourmet Burger in Dun Loaghaire. It is very very tasty. It's vegan but you just have to ask for no Harisa. I get guac instead. It is so yummy when they grill the wrap after. It comes with rosemary chips!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Food up dates!

A huge carrot cake I made the other day after finishing exams. I usually bake when I have to study but having free time to bake is great! I have used this Hummingbird cookbook recipe before and is a winner every time!
Poppies cafe appreciation! The one down in Dunloire does very good mochas and scones. There's also a lovely window seat to look out.

I'm not to mad on meat substitutes and always a bit scared to try them. One evening I was craving spaghetti bolonase, so decided to buy some and give it a go. It is really easy to make and very yummy! I have used it a few times since. I need to use it for other dishes like lasagna and tacos.

A salad I made for college one day. It had broken up homemade vegi/bean burgers, rocket, carrot along with some left over bulgar wheat.

Milanos pizza. This is from the lighter range. There's a hole cut in the middle and it is filled salad. It it beyond delish.
This is a terrible picture but it is a sweet potato burrito from burritos and blues! I was never to much of a fan of burritos but this changed my mind.
Best malts around! This malt is from The Counter. So chocolaty and the burgers and staff are great!
Select stores Yum. A salad from the Blazing Salads's salad bar and a chickpea curry.

Boojum Vegi tacos and chicken burrito. Jesse and I sat in the park and ate this lovely dinner.
A beast of a dinner. Homemade burger, salad, salsa, potatoes and a sweet potato stuffed pepper. #fatty
And just a potato salad!

I haven't updated this properly in a while!
I have been taking pictures of all sorts of things anyway so here it goes!