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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vegan Burritos in Dublin!

Burritos are increasing in popularity in Dublin with a variety of new companys popping up. There will however be an ongoing argument of where does the BEST burrito. Most say Boojum, but I'd be moving more towards Tolteca!

Boojum - Mexican Burrito Bar

I had heard the Veggie Burrito was vegan but I contacted Boojum just to be sure. and the Veggie is 100% vegan ( minus the cheese and sour cream). I contacted Boojum just to see what they say regarding the burritos being vegan and John kindly informed me with the following information:

'Hi Hannah,
Thanks for contacting us. Rest assured that the pinto beans are in fact vegan. A lot of Mexican restaurants use lard or bacon drippings in their pinto beans for extra flavour, but we do not. We want to keep them vegetarian so we omit these items. The black beans are also vegan.

All of our salsas are vegan as well as the guacamole.'

A Boojum vegan Burrito consists of:

-The wrap
-Fried Peppers/Onions
-Pinto/Black beans (I go for half and half)
-Rice (Mexican/plain)

Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar is located on Millennium Walk Way in Dublin. Just behind Jervis Shopping Centre and across the bridge from Temple Bar. Nice and Central! 

Tolteca Burritos:

Tolteca located on Baggot Street and recently open a city center location on Suffolk Street offer vegan friendly and vegetarian burritos, fajitas, salads and burrito bowls. Extremely tasty and 5 euro deals offered for students with free drink refills. I personally prefer Tolteca to Boojum. It is a bit more expensive here but the burritos don't make feel as sick and full as Boojum does. 
The Vegi Burritos and Bowls also contains:
-The wrap
-Fried Peppers/Onions
-Black beans (pinto not 100% vegi)
-Rice (brown/white)

Great for a causal meal or just a quick one. Compared to other Dublin Burrito joints, Tolteca on Suffolk Street has plenty of seating so no need to worry about getting a seat. 

Tolecta also claim to have 'happy food' meaning 'We work hard to ensure that our suppliers have the highest animal welfare practices and care about our environment. All our meats are certified Irish and Board Bia approved. Our vegetables, cheese and sour cream are of the highest quality and purchased locally where possible. Tolteca serves you caged free naturally raised Irish chicken and meats'. 
It's still animal products and farming but it's a better effort than most places!

I’m pretty sure the pinto beans ARE NOT VEGETARIAN! So double check if you’re taking a visit.

For more information see:

So that's 2 burrito joints in Dublin, perfect for a quick bite, especially when eating with no vegan/vegetarian friends! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recent food

I am constantly taking picture of food on my phone. Everything is a bit mixed up so instead of doing a load of separate posts I thought I'd throw them all into one.

I went out to the Happy Pear today for Lunch. I went for the pitta and salad. I didn't know the pitta had goats cheese in it though so I had to take it out and eat around the left over bit. I had a lovely coffee and vegan choc fruit and nut tiffin slice. I also love going to The Happy Pear.
I had another attempt at cupcakes but with another recipe. I used the Vegan cupcakes take over the world one. I didn't have all the ingredients really though. It required corn starch but I assumed that's corn flour. It made the cupcakes taste like corn flour though. They were alright though. Still not there yet. The icing was good though!

I came across these in Dunnes Stores and HAD to get them. Orange chocolate is a favourite. They tasted really good.
Here is a salad with a Good Life nut cutlet burger. I love them and they are so quick to cook under the grill.

Linda McCartney sausages. Last week people kept mentioning breakfast rolls and I was craving sausages and beans so bad. I made this for lunch a couple times and really hits the spot. It's a nice change from salad. The sausages are so tasty and only take a few minutes under the grill.

And this is my usual lunch while at home. I eat so many falafels but I don't know what I'd do with out them.

I made more cookies recently with the usual recipe. I guessed the measurements this time as my scales was broken. I added some chocolate powder into the mixture to make double chocolate cookies and oh my god they are dangerously tasty. I eat them all :/. The trick is to almost under cook them and then let them set and you get an extremely chewy cookie as the all the sugar sets but doesn't harden from being heated.
And another 'The Counter' post. As I've said before it's a great place to go for dinner when with non vegis and it's cheap and sooooooo tasty. This is the vegi burger in a bowl with various toppings such as avocado, roasted peppers and grilled pineapples. And you NEED to get the sweet potato fries.

And this is the falafel wrap from Gourmet Burger in Dun Loaghaire. It is very very tasty. It's vegan but you just have to ask for no Harisa. I get guac instead. It is so yummy when they grill the wrap after. It comes with rosemary chips!

Friday, January 6, 2012

What's good.


So today I discovered this bar. What grabbed my attention was the vegetarian society approved logo on the packaging on all of the bars. So I thought maybe some would be vegan. I first saw the range of these bars today in the Bus Stop Newsagent on Grafton street. I only looked at a few and none of the ones were vegan. However later on I was in the cost cutters on Aungier st and saw them again. I picked up the raspberry crumble and it said Vegan so yay! And it tasted sooooooooo delish. The pastry tasted so familiar. It was certainly delish and I plan to stock up next time. On the website , it says that the Apple and Blackcurrant and the Rhubarb crumble are also vegan. As well, a number of their flapjacks. So, I hope to see these around more.

The Counter, Dublin.

The counter are a custom build burger place located on Suffolk street in Dublin and in Dundrum. I have eaten here many times. They have sweet potato fries that are unreal. They also have a vegan option, a veggie burger which is really tasty.
You can choose:
-the size of your burger
-if you want it in a bun or in a bowl with salad (can choose type of bread and type of salad)
-type of cheese
-toppings (up to 4 and have a very wide range)
-sauce (again wide range)

Here is a picture of the menu, you tick it all off yourself.

If you're vegan, the burger in a bowl is vegan and none of the buns are vegan.
It is reasonably priced too. So just another vegan option in Dublin!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update and Vegan Christmas prep

Food filled day. Went to Fresh Vegetarian restaurant (edit, no longer open) in Powerscourt for the first time in years. I got Red Lentil soup, Chocolate cake and coffee. I wanted to die after the cake, it was so heavy. It came with cashew cream, ew. Soy ish creams so far have been horrible. The powercourt centre is such a good building. Need to go in there more.

I picked up some dairy free caramel chocolates from the sweet shop in George's street arcade and my god they are good. It was good to have some good chocolate again. All the tins of roses are killing me this Christmas. They're 3.50 euro for 12. Quite expensive but good.
I also got a little vegan Christmas pudding by The Village Bakery from The Organic Supermarket to have on Christmas. They also have loads of the Moo Free Chocolate range. They taste real good too.
And here is tonight's late night dinner.

I am going down to Cork for Christmas, so it might be a bit of a challenge. Considering it's not my kitchen. I hope I'm not too annoying about the food. I just hope my aunt will leave me some mashed potatoes with no butter.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Vegan.. 3 and a half weeks.

So Vegan for about 3 and a half weeks! I've wanted to update this sooner but been so busy with college work. I am nothing but positive with my choice to become Vegan. As I said at the start of my diet change, I felt very weak and tired. That,however has gone completely now. I feel the exact opposite now! I have loads more energy and have even lost a little bit of weight. I still eat a bit of crappy food but I've cut most of it out. For example, my previous biscuit and chocolate bar habits have gone out the window. Baking cookies is probably my biggest downfall. I eat them all to soon. And I've just after buying a jar of vegan dark chocolate spread!

I went out to The Happy Pear today in Greystones for some lunch. I got a celeriac, pepper, squash and onion bake thing. It was the first time they had made it but it tasted good! I ate half of it before I remembered to take a picture.

And I had some cake for the first time in ages. It was a vegan coffee infused chocolate cake. It tasted good but was very heavy.

I made some more roasted Butternut Squash falafel, the same recipe as below but just minus the egg, which works perfectly the same! I had some in a wrap with hummus, chilli, cucumber and spinach ( pretty much all I eat).

More cookies! yummm.

I've gone to Dehli o Deli a few times in a the past few weeks. The menu now states what is vegan, which is great! The majority of the menu is vegan. I am in love with the samosa and chole. It is so good every time.

Puy Lentil and Quinoa. I've made this before and it tastes great. It is great for bringing into college. I roasted off some peppers and squash and mixed it in with the cooked lentils and quinoa with a lemon juice and chopped chilli dressing. It is so yummy and of course very healthy.

Some of the bad stuff I have to keep in my room to make sure I can get my chocolate fix when needed!
In terms of cosmetics, I have gotten some Lush products. They're fairly expensive though but I found out that Simple skincare and most of their haircare is vegan and not tested on animals so that is a bit better on the pocket!