Thursday, August 4, 2011

Extremely chunky vegan apple and berry crumble

Crumble with a hint of coconut.
I got a great recipe of a friend for a apple and berry crumble pie. She brought me a slice of it and it was great.
You need a shortcrust pastry base for the pie.
For the apple and berry filling: 350g cooking apple (shreded)
150g raspberries
125g blueberries
100g sugar
I stewed all this together with a drop of water until it reduced.

For the crumble:  
       100g (vegan) butter
100g caster sugar
25g desecated coconut
250g plain flour
This crumble is nice and chunk so make little molds with the crumble and place it on top of the berry mix. The coconut really adds to it to, I highly recommend it!