Friday, September 28, 2012


There isn't a dish more Irish and more suited to this time of year than Collcannon! For those of haven't heard of it before, Collcannon consists of mashed potato, ground up Kale and Onion with loads of butter. Seriously yum, satisfying for cold days and most importantly nutritious. Any vegan doesn't really need to be told of the nutritional benefits of Kale. Here is some information anyway:

If you have a food processor, blend the kale up with white onion and mash into mashed potatoes with loads of butter(I use Pure Sun Flower) , salt and pepper and you're done. Taste's great on buttered bread too.


Edith said...

Wheeeeeere did you find kale? :D Seriously, I have been looking for kale in every shop possible, I almost believed kale is unknown in Ireland...:D

Hannah said...

You can get it in any supermarket really. Tesco have it for sure. You can only get really at this time of year so maybe that's why you haven't seen it!